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Bainbridge Island High School Sailing Club is open to all high school students that can attend required daily practices and participate in regattas.  We require all sailors to be inclusive and supportive of each other regardless of skill levels or grade.

During the fall season, the team meets on Mondays, Wednesdays and some Fridays for practices.  Sailors should register for this season through Bainbridge Island Parks and Recreation. The regattas for this season are supported by the Friends of Bainbridge Island High School Sailing and costs per sailor will be determined for each regatta.

During the spring season, the team typically meets Monday through Friday for practices.  Sailor should sign up by filling out the forms (links below) and registering with the Friends of Bainbridge Island High School Sailing.  The participation fees cover the regattas' travel fees.


There are several important aspects to participating on the Bainbridge High School Sailing Team you should know before you sign up.

What's Required

Of the Sailors:

  • Participate on the team with an open mind, exhibit good sportsmanship, and support other team members and coaches.

  • Attend practices and let the coaches know when you will not be there.

  • Participate in the regattas.

  • Assist with the logistical tasks of the team.

  • Participate in Friends of BIHSS fundraiser events in support of the Team.


Of the Parent(s):

  • Participate with the Friends of Bainbridge Island High School Sailing to help out with BHS Sailing Team activities, including driving to/from team events, and assisting with other Team activities.

  • Assist Friends of Bainbridge Island High School Sailing with fundraising.

  • Volunteer to help out where you can.


  • All sailors must wear a Type III personal flotation device at all times when on the dock or on a boat.

  • We also require a minimum level of clothing to protect the sailor from the elements.

  • Please see the complete listing of required and recommended gear to help make your time on the water safe and comfortable.


Safety is our top concern and precautions are taken to keep everyone safe. That being said, sailing can be dangerous since it involves activity on the water. All sailors are expected to wear PFDs (personal flotation devices) when in and around the water and follow the direction provided by coaches and regatta staff.


There is always a danger of concussion (click here for more information) along with cuts and bruises. All of our coaches are required to maintain their first aid/CPR certification.

Cost and Forms

For the fall season, the participation fee is $385 per sailor. These fees are paid when the sailor signs up for the "HIGH SCHOOL COMPETITIVE FJ SAILING" and the "FRIDAY HIGH SCHOOL SAILING ADD-ON" programs through BIPRD.  There will be additional travel costs to cover transportation and food at each regatta.

For the spring season, the participation fee for BHS Sailing Team will be set before each season. The season fee, which covers regatta fees, transportation, and related team logistics and administration costs, for the 2021 spring season is $500.  You can pay online here, or checks should be made payable to Friends of Bainbridge Island High School Sailing and submitted with the completed forms or mailed to the PO Box.

Complete these forms (click on the links to access the forms) and submit them to the coach: