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Who We Are

The Bainbridge Island High School Sailing Team fosters growth in the areas of sailing skills, responsibility, respect, communication, and teamwork. We operate under the philosophy that every team member is an asset as we strive for excellence.


The team practices and successfully competes in varsity-level regattas in the fall and spring as an unfunded club sport, and we placed third in the NWISA team racing district championships and fourth in the fleet racing district championships in spring 2022.


The BIHSS team depends on the vital support of coaches, volunteers, parents, the 501(c)(3) Friends of Bainbridge Island High School Sailing, Bainbridge Island Parks & Recreation District, Port Madison Yacht Club, Bainbridge High School, and community members like you! 


Friends of Bainbridge Island High School Sailing

  • A 501(c)(3) organization, FOBIHSS operates as an all-volunteer, non-profit organization providing the sole source of logistical and financial support to the Bainbridge High School Sailing Team.

  • Acquires funds to support the operational expenses of regatta participation, travel, and training, including sailboat and equipment maintenance.

  • Raises funds to help cover the costs of replacement of the two fleets of competition sailboats.

  • Provides scholarships to help keep sailing accessible to young sailors in our community.

  • Owns all sailboats.

  • Provides shoreside and upland storage for all sailboats.

  • Owns, stores, and maintains all support equipment (sailboat trailers, coaching/safety powerboats).

  • Provides training venues (Eagle Harbor dock and "bock").

  • Provides insurance.

  • Provides volunteer coach(es), and screens coaches and volunteer assistants.

  • Permits use of BIMPRD vehicles for Team travel in accordance with their rules and availability.

  • Allows the Team to operate as a non-funded high school club sport.

  • Allows the sailors to earn high school sports "letters."

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