Frequently asked questions


Where do we launch the boats?

Boats are launches from the Waterfront Park boat ramp. We secured 200 feet of dock space. Park trailers on Bjune Drive parallel to curb (you can take up multiple parking spaces). There should be cones and signs indicating safe areas.

What's happening Friday afternoon?

Susie, the Bainbridge Coach is organizing a practice session. Check the NOR schedule for details. There's a movie theater in the mall - just north of Winslow and Madison. There's also a paint your own pottery store (Heart & Soul) in Winslow Green. Winslow Way - the main drag - has lots of shops and things to do and eat.


How do we get to the viewing area?

Click on the "Directions" or "Map" links on the main Regatta page on this website. There are maps to Pritchard Park.

What facilities are at the viewing area?

There is limited parking, a couple porta-potties and a lot of beach! So bring a chair to sit on. We will have some pop-up tents for protection from the elements. There will be a food truck from about 11-2pm in the viewing area parking lot. We plan on having light snacks (fruit, bars, etc) and drinks for sale down on the beach.

What is the path down to the viewing area like?

The path is dirt and not completly smooth with a slight decline. People with difficulties walking or in a wheelchair can email us for more specific information.


Where do we eat?

We have ISLAND GRINDZ Hawaiian food truck coming to the viewing area both days. They should be around from 11:30am to 2:00pm or later if still busy. There are many restaurants in Winslow - try Yelp for list. T&C market has a great hot/cold food buffet with a soup / salad bar and sushi. They also sell groceries. In the morning T&C has a good breakfast buffet with tables to sit. There ara a few diners: Streamliner Diner and Madison Diner. There are a few pizza places with delivery: That's A Some Pizza Westside Pizza Treehouse Pizza is a larger restarurant on the south side of the island that has pizza, sandwiches and salads and is good for larger groups. There's a frozen yogurt place across the street called Island Cool with lots of tables.

Race Time

What repair facilities / tools are available?

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