Coaches Corner

The team has been blessed with several great coaches over the past years, and the team would not exist without their generous volunteer hours! 

Head Coach:

Susan Kaseler - Susie doesn't like to talk about her accomplishments but wrote the following:

"I was 17 when I began coaching, 10 when I started racing my own boat. As kids we raced 7 days a week in junior and adult regattas all summer, and in the winter crewed for the best sailors in the country (we broke up the ice in the harbor with a launch that had a door strapped on the bow)."

Assistant Coach:

Haley Lhamon - Haley started her sailing career as a summer sailing instructor in high school and college, Haley discovered her passion for teaching. Dreams of being a mission specialist for NASA evolved into becoming an elementary teacher with a specialty in reading and writing instruction, a transition also fueled by the revelation that most of her family is dyslexic. After living in Michigan, Germany, and Seattle, Haley and her family happily settled on Bainbridge (where her husband, Rusty, grew up). Haley occasionally races with the Seattle Thistle fleet and the Vanguard fleet at Pt. Madison Yacht Club where she and Rusty are currently the advisors for junior members.

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